USS Mesa Verde Knuckleboom Crane Windows

Crane Window High

Crane Window Close Crane Window High Crane Window Low 

TST Defense conducted the removal and replacement of damaged glass on the knuckleboom crane of the USS Mesa Verde. NAVSEA standard items were complied with and a NAVSEA certified quality control plan was adhered to. Work items included:

  • Remove and dispose of the front 3 knuckleboom crane windows…front left, front center, & front right
  • Clean window frame openings
  • Custom cut 3 new laminated safety glass windows to fit
  • Supply and install window film to glass
  • Install new windows with new primer and adhesives
  • Water hose test windows
  • Provide all paperwork and documentation to adhere to NAVSEA procedures

knuckleboom crane3 knuckleboom crane6 knuckleboom crane5